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Welcome to Speak Up For Animals New Zealand


Our mission is to set smart, effective, localised and achievable goals that will promote our long term aim of a planet free from animal abuse. We aim to co-operate with all similar organisations with the same vision.

Our aim is to stop the exploitation and abuse of animals in New Zealand and Worldwide. We believe in a compassionate and sustainable planet.

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We are based in the Wellington Region. We welcome all those who want to join and who share the same vision. Contact us via our Facebook page.


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8 months ago
Tegel hui: 'I don't know who was listening'

Wonderful people from the local marae, community and AR groups coming together to protest this gigantic chicken ‘farm’. Kia kaha, wish we could be there with you.

A hui run by Tegel Foods has failed to convince affected locals to support its plans to build the country's largest chicken farm in Northland.

8 months ago
Cow fatally shot on Auckland motorway

Feel free to email police on their handling of the incident - a tranquilizer would have been more appropriate. Or if not available at the time then use the same controls used as if this was a child ... See more

Motorists have been left shocked at the unexpected scene.

8 months ago

“Vegans are often accused of forcing propaganda onto others to further the cause of Animal Liberation so I thought I’d make a list of all the carnist propaganda forced onto us all every single ... See more

8 months ago
Film Screening: Dominion

We are so excited about this!!!!!!

Finally, thanks to the hard work of some wonderful people in our AR community, there is a one-off opportunity for people in Wellington to watch this highly ... See more

Dominion is a game-changing documentary that explores the six primary facets of human and animal interaction – Companion Animals, Wildlife, Scientific Research, Entertainment, Clothing and Food – ... See more

8 months ago
Wellington Animal Save

She deserves more. Join us. ❤️✌️🐮 ^T #speakupforanimalsnz

Look at this photo - what do you see? Who do you see?

The someone:
She will grow up and likely live a long life, will choose her family and friends, will have as much freedom as life gives her. If ... See more

9 months ago
Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary Ōtaki

Can anyone help The Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary Ōtaki?


Hello everybody 😁!

We are in need of a cheap Toyota Corolla station wagon (a donation would be ideal 😉). As one of our cars has recently broken and we need a car for our animal projects. So if ... See more

9 months ago
Dog Protection Society New Zealand

LUNA is STILL available for adoption.
We are still searching for her perfect forever home.
Luna is a 2year old female terrier type cross breed. For more information please read her ad ... See more

9 months ago
Watching the video police don't want you to see - a goat tasered 13 times

Kia Ora koutou. Although the case is very distressing to read (video NOT attached) we urge you all to email either MPI, the police or the MInister of Police at to ... See more

Thirteen reasons why - police seek advice from Chief Censor over footage of goat being tasered 13 times.

9 months ago

Great workshop by Joshua Entis ('This Little Vegan') last night - he is here in Wellington for the weekend and there are events running every day. Thanks again for AV Wellington for organising his ... See more

9 months ago

Josh’s 5 tips: 1. Ask! Ask questions! #thislittlevegan #socraticmethod ^T

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