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A Vegan Future

Speak Up For Animals NZ supported the ‘A Vegan Future NZ’ initiative. Our organising members and volunteers participated both in the Wellington Regional Hui, and the NZ National Hui that also took place in Wellington during the weekend of 18-19 March 2017.

Like so many other people in the Aotearoa/New Zealand Vegan Advocacy and Animal Rights movement, in Speak Up for Animals NZ  we too feel that the time has come to progress the discourse we present to the public, politicians, industries, businesses, and media, beyond demands for mere welfare reforms or progressive reduction.

Instead it is felt that we need to start a very public conversation about the things our movement has ultimately always believed in. That is advancing a clear, open, and confident Veganism and Rights-focussed message.

We aim to make it clear to the public that the end goal we seek is a vegan Aotearoa/New Zealand, and that we intend to achieve this through the passing of national legislation which will abolish all forms of exploitation of non-human animals by humans, and establish meaningful rights for them under New Zealand law.