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Understanding your vegan customers

You may have noticed the growing
trend toward veganism. People are vegan for many reasons but the most common are; to protect the environment, to protect their own health and to support the protection of animals. Others see it as part of the solution to the international humanitarian crises we face or as an economical way of feeding a family.

What is a vegan?
A vegan is a person who knowingly chooses not to consume, use or wear any products produced from animals or containing animal by-products and avoids products tested on animals.

Vegans eat…
Surprisingly, more things (and much healthier things) than people on a traditional meat diet. Food is often comprised of beans/legumes, tempeh/tofu/textured vegetable protein, vegetables, fruit, rice/grains, pasta, bread, cereals, nuts, seeds, grains. Nut, seed and bean milks, nut, seed and bean oils, olive or canola spreads.

Vegans do not eat. ..
Meat (fish, shellfish, livestock or poultry), eggs, dairy products (cheese, milk, cream, yoghurt), honey, gelatine, meat derived fats or by-products (such as lard).

It’s very easy to cater for vegans:
It could be as simple as modifying an option on your menu by omitting cheese, milk or egg from a vegetarian meal. Look online or visit a library to access thousands of restaurant quality dishes. We can supply you with a flyer on substitution and alternatives which taste normal and cost less than animal products too. Finally, be sure check the label of any product you add to a vegan meal.

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