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Supporting a ban on Greyhound Racing in NZ

Speak Up for Animals NZ supports the Greyhound Protection League of New Zealand (GPLNZ), calling for a ban on Greyhound Racing in NZ

Supporting a ban on Rodeo in NZ

In the past few years, Speak Up for Animals volunteers have joined countless protests against rodeos in New Zealand.

Protesting against Live Exports

SUfA volunteers joined with other groups outside the Australian Embassy in Wellington to protest the cruel practice of shipping defenceless animals across oceans, in scorching heat, without any proper sanitation or care, just so they can end their life in misery either thrown overboard (sometimes still alive and conscious) or slaughtered in their “new” country.

Supporting ban on Animal Testing

Speak Up for Animals NZ supported many initiatives and actions, petitions and protests calling for a ban on animal testing in New Zealand.

We joined NZAVS and HUHANZ in handing the ‘Out of the Labs’ petition with over 15,000 signatures to Parliament.

On World Day for Lab Animals, SUfA was very proud to take part in a Wellington protest, along with WARN, NZAVS and HUHA.