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Why Go Vegan?

Animals are like us
Animals we use for food are unique individuals. They experience the world, pleasure, pain, emotions, have social relations, develop friendships and have familial bonds. The animals we use for food are not dissimilar from our dogs and cats we live with.
Animals matter ethically
Animals are subjects of a life like humans. They are self-aware and care about what happens to themselves. Their lives matter to them, just like our lives matter to us.
The reality of suffering
Animals on factory farms live lives of unimaginable suffering as confirmed by footage easily accessible on the internet. They are in pain and major discomfort for their wholes lives. This includes cows in the dairy industry. “Free range” is largely a marketing phrase, with no legal definition in New Zealand.
The magnitude of the reality
New Zealand slaughters over 100 million land animals each year. Humans slaughter 70 billion land animals a year in factory farms. The number of aquatic animals slaughtered is over 1000 billion each year. The numbers are unimaginable.
Vegan food is completely nutritious 
The American Dietetic Association’s statement affirms the adequacy of a vegan diet for all humans (including infants, lactating mothers, the elderly and athletes), a statement endorsed by major dietetic associations worldwide.
Veganism is great for the environment
There is a significant environmental impact of eating animal product. Animal agriculture contributes more to greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transportation sector combined. Animal agriculture is a major cause of deforestation and water use, as well as having major negative impacts on water quality.
You can go vegan today!
Going vegan really isn’t that hard. Online resources will help and is a good start.
There are free transitioning programmes that can help you with your first steps. Try: Or 
Give some thought to how you will change you food routine and stop buying animal products for clothing or using animals for entertainment.